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5 Autoimmune Paleo (AIP) Convenience Foods Available at Trader Joe's

AIP can be challenging sometimes. Especially when you don't have enough time to cook everything from scratch.

Some AIP convenience foods have emerged, but they can be expensive. Trader Joe's to the rescue!

Here are five of my favorite AIP-friendly convenience foods from Trader Joe's.

1. Organic coconut milk (no guar gum)

Trader Joe's Organic coconut milk with no guar gum

Before discovering this item, I would pay too much money for coconut milk purchased over the internet, just so I could get the guar-gum-free stuff. No longer! Currently, TJ's sells this item for $1.69 a can, which is significantly cheaper than what I was seeing online for Natural Value brand.

2. Sweet plantain chips

Two ingredients: plantains and palm oil. Hard to beat that! The plantains are naturally sweet, and this chip offers a great crunch that I enjoy more than the green plantain chips. Plus, it's less than $2.00 for an entire bag.

3. Sardines

Quality canned fish can be a lifesaver when you suddenly discover you have no more protein left in the house. I typically buy the Crown Prince wild sardines packed in olive oil. I've found that the Trader Joe's sardines packed in olive oil have a near-identical taste and texture (making me wonder if it's the same product just white labeled!), and can be found at a cheaper price.

4. Cauliflower rice

Trader Joe's cauliflower rice

Cauli rice is a great, low-carb alternative to rice, but breaking apart and running the cauliflower through a food processor can be a real pain. This cauliflower rice costs $2-3, which is definitely worth the time savings.

5. Roasted sweet potato wedges

This a super convenient source of starch when you're low on time. Unfortunately, sometimes the sweet potatoes aren't cooked fully so I need to throw them on a pan or in the microwave for a bit to get them to the right texture. Nevertheless, another huge time saver compared to preparing a sweet potato yourself.

Do you have any AIP convenience foods you'd like to share? Add them to the comments below!

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